Tokyo-Based Travel Writer

Here to help share people's passions & stories with the world.

Hi, I'm Nina.

I've always been one to ask endless "Why?" and "How?" questions. My biggest question to this day is about my identity. As a bi-cultural child between the United States and Japan, I've never felt like I quite fit in or found just one place to call home. As this confusion loomed over my head, my father and mother took my hand and started showing me the world before I could even talk.

They've shown me that people and places we call "home" are present everywhere. Constantly curious about the world around me, I would write stories about the mysterious mountains or strangers that I encounter. 

My passion for seeking new destinations, cultures, and connections have never faded away. And as each new journey comes to an end, I am already planning where my curiosities will take me next. 

The memories I make and the stories I tell are the purest form of answers. With curiosity comes the passion to seek the tales and stories that are still hiding untold.

I may never find any answers to my questions, but I believe that the adventures sought through my travels and interactions with people from all walks of life help me seek answers that are larger than facts. It's my goal to share these stories with others in hopes to ignite their own curiosities for the world and human connections.