Nina M. Cataldo

A Storyteller & Adventure Enthusiast



Top 3 Adventurous Moments

  1. Paragliding (and trekking) in Nepal
  2. Learning about, tracking down, and holding a Japanese Giant Salamander
  3. Watching the sunrise from the top of an old stone castle in a small French village (shh, we had to sneak in!)

Top 3 (out of thousands!) Bucket List Items

  1. Skydive in Australia
  2. Climb Machu Picchu
  3. Enjoy fresh pasta and wine in Italy

I'm an ENFP!

I'm a hafu - meaning half Japanese, and American.

I call two places home: Tokyo, Japan, and Portland, Oregon.

155cm (5'1) tall so I can go on excursions that require a small and/or a light person.

My essential travel item is my Alice in Wonderland towel.

My priorities when traveling are to eat local food, make new friends, and to look for any chances to pet cats.

I'm a sucker for craft beer and nihonshu. I'm in love with the rising scene of breweries in Japan!

Things you wanna know...

Okinawa cats


I have worked with various domestic and international companies who have strong online and offline presence.

Past & Present Work

Live Japan by GuruNavi

Setouchi Finder


Japan National Tourism Organization

Japan Tourism Bureau (JTB)


For Empowering Women (FEW) as the Membership Director

Guest Blogger and community member of Hafu2Hafu

Participant of the 24th annual Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC)

What I Can Do


Articles and blog posts for your platform. Especially, but not limited to the topics of: travel, culture, activities, outdoors, and food in Japan.

Travel & Consult

Send me to a location and I will return with bountiful of stories to share and write about for your audience. As a bi-cultural and bilingual hafu, I am also passionate about helping local Japanese communities in various ways in the midst of inbound tourism growth.

Something Else?

I am always open to new opportunities and collaborations. Please send me an inquiry!



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